production of all types of PET bottles, Jars , Clear containers and PP caps and closures

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Vista plastic industries is a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of all types of PET bottles and Jars Clear containers, and PP caps and closures.

With its principal manufacturing facility in Dubai, the company maintains a state of art production lines with a well-experienced work force.

The company actively involved in the manufacture and supply of PET jars & bottles, preforms, PP caps & closures and provides a wide range of PET packaging solutions for every industry, including Home and Personal care, for end user consumers, for household applications, food and beverage, honey filling, cosmetics, chemical, and pharmaceutical usage.

Using the state of the art technology and flexible operations systems the company can customize its services to match all packaging need.

Vista plastic industry has developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to provide consistently a service that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.

Why PET:

In comparison to other packaging materials, PET offers many advantages.

In particular, PET shows high resistance to gas permeability. The loss of carbon dioxide, as well as the penetration of O2 in packaged goods, can be reduced with the use of PET.

Also, its high transparency and glossy surface gives it special charm and gives its manufactured products an attractive image.

New labelling solutions with double-sided printed labels give the bottle an outstanding beauty. And the flexible production process permits a nearly unlimited diversity of design.

Our Story:

We endeavor to be regionally recognized as the leading and constantly growing manufacturer of PET packaging products and solutions. Furthermore, we aim to provide an innovative and cost effective PET packaging solution to the MENA Market.

Our key performance objectives are to provide the best PET packaging solutions in terms of quality of our products, flexibility in providing new designs, speed and dependable delivery scheduling, and at affordable prices

Our Values:

Quality forms the mainstream of the organization, and thereby we utilize superior raw material to manufacture our products. Besides, all our products are checked under stringent quality tests. With a strong customer orientation embedded in the company psyche, our operational style is to work closely with customers and develop their packaging to add value to their businesses

Vista plastic is one of the leading manufacturer in the production of PET bottles and jars
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