PET Bottles

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles are multifunctional and the most successful type of packaging across various industries. If you are searching for a PET bottle manufacturer with a long-standing tradition of quality, look no further! Choose “Vista Plastic Industries. We manufacture PET bottles of high quality in Dubai, UAE. 

All our PET bottles are the highest in strength, clarity, and versatility among others. Our bottles are meticulously tailored to the specific requirements of various industries. We help the manufacturing industries secure their products and also achieve customer satisfaction.


The latest technology we use and our quality control systems are groundbreaking. This enables us to ensure that every bottle produced meets the standards of high performance and safety. We apply the most modern production technologies, including injection molding and stretch blow molding to manufacture PET bottles with accuracy.

Industries We Serve

Our PET bottles are carefully designed based on our specific requirements. At, Vista Plastic Industries, we provide services to the following industries: 

● Food and Beverage Industry

We provide a diverse portfolio of PET bottles to the food and beverage industry. It includes bottles for water, juice and carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Our bottles are perfectly made of BPA-free materials to ensure the purity and safety of the stored items.

● Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

Our PET bottles are perfect for cosmetic and personal care products. They are ideal for filling shampoos, lotions, talcum powder and liquid soaps. Owing to the transparency of our PET bottles, the product gets displayed attractively. Also, its sturdiness promises the safety of the contents during shipping and handling.

● Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

We even offer PET bottles for the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, meeting rigorous safety standards. Our bottles can endure harsh chemicals while preserving quality to secure packaging and shipment of stored drugs and chemicals.

Why Choose Us?

At Vista Plastic Industries, we take pride in our dedication to quality. Our clients are our priority. Some of the reasons why our company is the go-to company for PET bottle solutions:

● Quality Assurance

Our facility leverages advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control systems. This helps us to ensure that every PET bottle we produce meets the highest level of quality and consistency.

● Customization Options

We also understand that every customer has unique individual needs in the area of packaging. This is why we offer customized solutions that will include the choice of bottle sizes and labeling options.

● Competitive Pricing

We gain efficiencies through our operational efficiency and scale economies. Thanks to that we can set a competitive price without compromising the quality. This, in turn, will show our customers the real value for money.

● Responsive Customer Service

Our always-available customer service helps you with your questions. They can also help you with quotes and provide you with more information if you need it.


Contact Us!

Kindly contact us if you have any questions or if you would like a closer look at all your packaging needs. We are at your disposal with an experienced team and products that will meet your market needs.

Feel the difference as you engage with Vista Plastic Industries and see how our splendid PET bottles can uplift your packaging. In addition, we always strive to meet your industry’s needs. We are eager to work together with you to fulfill your highest standards by creating outstanding products and services.